Longbeach Battlefield LASERSouth Coast Laser Skirmish - Batemans Bay

Ultimate Laser Skirmish Realistic combat & weapons

Battlefield LASER is one of the coolest laser skirmish recreational activities in the world today. This fast moving adventure sport is played in more than 33 different countries worldwide.

At Longbeach Battlefield LASER we provide you with world's leading state of the art laser skirmish weapons called SATR (Small Arms Transmitter Receivers) and qualified friendly staff that will ensure all participants game play is an unforgettable experience every time.

  • Free PlaySet session times - book online and turn up and play
  • Birthday PartiesGive kids a birthday that will have them talking for weeks
  • Team Building and GroupsBook in a team from your club or business

Battlefield LASER is the most realistic simulation, short of joining the military. You can experience this for yourself, when I brief you on missions called "Live-Plays." Just like a screen play, the Live Play gives gamers their mission briefing, Intel on the enemy, and terrain map.

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